Friday, January 21, 2011

From Zero to Sixty

"What has helped me lately was to figure out that when we blow up at our kids, we only think we're going from zero to sixty in one second.  Our surface and persona are so calm that when a problem begins, we sound in control when we say, "Now honey, stop that," or "That's enough."  But it's only an illusion.  In fact, all day we've been nursing anger toward the boss or boyfriend or mother, yet since we can't get mad at nonkid people, we stuff it down.  When the problem with your kid starts up, you're really beginning at fifty-nine, but you're not moving.  You're at high idle already, yet not aware of how vulnerable and disrespected you already feel."

-Anne Lamott,  Plan B:  Further Thoughts on Faith

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  1. Brilliant.

    The quote and the work you are doing, Tricia.

    Completely brilliant.